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Guildhall open days on the weekends in February are on the link above now. 10.00 am to 6.00 pm is one of your main opportunities to look round and ask about the services, find out about rooms available to book and view the facilities. Parties, weddings, all types of functions can be booked.

To book rooms please see and you are welcome to ask for any information on Following an extensive programme of improvements and refurbishments the cinema at the Abbey Hall is now open and rooms in the historic Guildhall are available for hire.

Cinema The Abbey Cinema operates from the Abbey Hall. The cinema comprises a huge nine metre projection screen, high-spec acoustic wall coverings and advanced Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The cinema accommodates 170 seats. Traditional cinema seating will be found in rows up in the Dress Circle, while the Stalls  offer cabaret-style seating. A professional kitchen & a renovated bar  allow customers to enjoy light meals & drinks whilst watching a film. Ticket prices will include special memberships for local residents.

As well a screening regular feature films all week the space will also be used for hosting live events such as comedy, musical performances, film theme nights & live streams of National Theatre productions, making this a dynamic multi-use space.

 For details of the programme and to book tickets please click here.

The cinema is managed and operated by an established professional cinema operator, the  Regal of Evesham.

The Guildhall The historic rooms of the Guildhall are now available for hire.  Please click here  for the dedicated website.

The Guildhall is also managed and operated by the Regal of Evesham.


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