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Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibitions include some of Abingdon’s most important and historically significant images and artefacts. These include The Monk's Map, a 16th-century map of the River Thames around Abingdon, a reconstruction of the Anglo-Saxon Abingdon Sword, and one of the last MGB roadsters to come off the production line at the MG factory. Abingdon’s broad history has been encapsulated in a contemporary and dynamic new exhibition design as part of the museum’s full refurbishment programme completed in July 2012.

A printable copy of the current What's On Summer 2014 Programme can be accessed online.

Special Exhibitions

Please use the tabs in the left hand column to see our current special exhibitions.

Some of our exhibitions are located in the Attic Gallery; please visit our Plan Your Visit page for more information on accessibility and a downloadable guide. 

13 June - 18 October In 1965 a new research centre opened near Abingdon to study the science and engineering conditions needed to produce electrical energy from fusion. Today, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy is the UK’s national fusion research laboratory. It includes JET (Joint European Torus) - the flagship European project and MAST (Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak) - the UK’s fusion energy...
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12 September - 20 December The Thames is steeped in tradition and flows through the history of England. In 2015 it is the focus of a wonderful new exhibition by HapticArt, a group of nine Stitched Textile artists, who have created a specially worked display for Abingdon Museum. Their approach to textile work is diverse, expressing their own individual interests and skills in various mediums, from...
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Soldiers and residents in Abingdon, 1915
Opens 5 August What did Abingdon do in the Great War? Come and see our new exhibition highlighting Abingdon people and their contribution to the war effort as service men and women or civilians.  Recent research into the town's families, businesses and industries has provided a new and fascinating insight into life on the home front, with excerpts from contemporary newspapers providing lots of ...
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24 October - 1 November In support of the BDA National Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW), pupils from The Unicorn School in Abingdon, aged 6-14 years, present an exhibition of artwork, sculpture and descriptive works that celebrate their creativity and illustrate some of the learning techniques used.  
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Port Meadow during the 2014 floods
7 February - 19 April 2015   Port Meadow, the historically significant common land between Wolvercote and Jericho, has been captured in fine detail by Adrian Arbib, an Oxford based professional photographer. Adrian has tried to celebrate the beauty of Port Meadow in Oxford, whilst exploring peoples’ relationship to the lands. The captivating scenes during the winter floods are particularly vivid...
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Roman Coin discovered at Marcham
25 April - 1 September Between 2001-2011 excavations on Trendles Field, Marcham, unearthed evidence for ritual and religious practices beginning in the Iron Age. They continued into the Roman period when a temple and semi-amphitheatre were constructed. The site produced thousands of artefacts, many of them gifts to the gods, proving this to be a site of national importance. Thanks to a 3-year...
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