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Town Crier Magazine

May 2015 edition as an example

The Town Crier magazine now at Issue 55 is delivered to homes in the town. As more information is available on line it has reduced in frequency. You will find town information in monthly Roundandabout, Abingdon Living, Pick magazine also our local newspapers.

In the Town Crier example from last year, the front cover features a stunning photo of the County Hall Museum. This was taken through the Abbey gateway by St Nicolas' Church. Our thanks go to Maggie Harnew for providing this really superb shot of the town looking at its best with sunshine and a blue sky to set off the mellow colour of the stone buildings.

A section from the 54th Edition of the Town Crier gives a full run-down and contact details for the current Councillors elected in 2015.  Councillors are listed on the website but you can call in at the Information Centre at the front of Guildhall for a hard copy.

The town has its Guild of Town Criers - oyez. You are welcome to book a Crier to announce a town event.


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