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Abingdon Community Larder

Published on:

23 Nov 2020

The Abingdon Community Larder is open every Friday at the Abingdon Carousel Family Centre, off Caldecott Chase ( OX14 5GZ ).

It is a Food Membership Scheme. From £3.50 a week members can choose from 10 food items in boxes and tins and jars, and as much fruit and vegetables as they want.

It is not means tested – open to all, and aims to help some people who are finding food too expensive.

The food – that would otherwise go to waste because of reasons such as over supply, comes from supermarkets like Tesco and Asda

The larder is  part of the charity SOFEA. They not only help stop food waste, but also provide training for young people who did not get the best out of education and need practical skills before getting into employment.


Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council
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