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Abingdon Business Alliance

Abingdon Business Alliance is an organisation for all types of businesses both in and around Abingdon who want uncomplicated communication. We work to obtain information and hold constructive dialogue with the local authorities and other relevant bodies, to communicate and network with each other, and to let our members know the plain facts wherever possible.

Founded in April 2010, ABA committee deliberately has no definitive leader and has representatives from a wide range of businesses from the town centre and the surrounding area. All committee members have an equal standing and all decisions are made by majority. We are about promoting all Abingdon businessesand sharing real information with our members. Recognition doesn't interest us and for that reason a lot of the work we do is done quietly behind the scenes, not in the public eye.

ABA continues to provide its members with regular email updates about town developments that could affect them, assists our various councils by advising them of their businesses' views on policies and developments, and provides straightforward social events which are great for allowing businesses to talk to each other, for support, for networking and for developing ideas all in a very relaxed and informal environment. At all times we are aware that our members have businesses to run so if we don't have anything relevant to tell you, we won't bother you.

The current committee of 13 seek out answers from politicians and council officers and pass on the information they have in the most unadulterated way possible to their members, without spin, bias or editing of the message. We get updates in person from those most closely involved in town regeneration projects which are given at our social evenings. With no pressure to sign up for voluntary work you don't have time to do, our focus is simple and clear - good information, good communication, good company. 
If you own or manage a business in the OX14 postcode area and this sounds like something you and your business could benefit from, contact any committee member (listed below) or email  or to find out more about joining Abingdon Business Alliance.

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