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In this section you will find a round-up of information about community, services, facilities and life in general in Abingdon-on-Thames. If you need information about a service that you believe is delivered by one of the local councils, but are not sure which one, move on to the Council Services page below. This lists not just Town Council services but those provided by other councils and other bodies, and it will take you to the right website to find out more.

Information about schools, pre-schools churches and community organisations is also in this section. The Abingdon guidebook is available on this site and from the town's Information Centre.

An upgraded disabled toilet has been added to Abingdon's Guildhall. It can be accessed through the door to the old Police Cells, under the arch between the Guildhall and St Nicolas Church in Abbey Close using a standard RADAR key. Opening hours:      6:00am – 11:00pm The Space to Change toilet includes a height-adjustable adult changing bench and hoist.
Due to the roll-out of household recycling services there are no recycling centres within Abingdon other than the recycling bank for small electrical items (such as hair-driers, lamps, toys, power tools etc) which can be found in West St Helen’s Car Park.   Recycling Centres near Abingdon These are run by Oxfordshire County Council and are based at Drayton (near Abingdon) and Redbridge (near...
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Some premises aim to be open to visitors for part of the week, although this is dependent on volunteers being available.  The Parish Church of St Helen's aims to open to visitors from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm Friday to Monday and advertise a longer period in Summer. The parish centre is alongside the church. It is advisable to check if you wish to visit any of our places of worship. Churches and...
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Local Education Authority owned – Oxfordshire County Council Caldecott Daycare  (Day Nursery) Dunmore Pre-School Peachcroft Pre-School St Nicolas Pre-School Thameside School Nursery Privately Owned Abingdon Kindergarten Dalton Pre-School Nursery St Mary’s Nursery Tiny Toes Day Nursery   Children’s Centres North and North East Abingdon Children’s Centre, Dunmore Infant School  01235 520543
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The local education authority for all state schools within Abingdon is Oxfordshire County Council.  Primary Schools Caldecott County Primary School, Caldecott Road. Carswell Community Primary School, Bostock Road Dunmore Primary School, Northcourt Road Long Furlong Primary & Nursery School, Boulter Drive Rush Common County Primary School, Hendred Way St. Edmund’s RC Primary School, Radley...
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Most services are provided by one of the three councils which serve this area: Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council (ATC)Vale of White Horse District Council (VOWH)Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Click on any item to go to the right page for fuller information about the service. Abingdon-on-Thames in Bloom: judging takes place every July for residents who have entered the competition.   Abingdon...
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