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Help with Your Event

A resource for community groups who want to organise an event

Many of town community groups organise events on a massive variety of topics and types. Town Information has contacts and advice which may make your event easier to organise. Closed for face-to-face general contact at present, we can still make venue suggestions. 

Abingdon Market Place is available for use by community groups who have charitable purposes or who operate on a not-for-profit basis. There is no charge unless electrics are required. In order to use the Market Place for an event you need to make a booking with the Town Council. Select and check the date. When this is fully agreed read the guidance on the tabs to the left thoroughly. Plan on four weeks minimum should you wish to fundraise as you will require a licence to collect cash. A return has to be made to District Licencing to assure that income is going to the correct charity. The link is in the booking form, apply after you have your date agreed with us. It is straighforward to book with helpful staff. Insurance is essential.

For further information please click here.  The Visitor and Community Information Centre is closed but some bookings can be taken and staff are working and can assist you.

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