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View of one of the historic buildings of Abingdon

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Where to stay

Abingdon-on-Thames has accommodation of all kinds from traditional hotels in the town centre, B&Bs in simple but elegant townhouses, efficient modern hotels near the major routes and charming rural B&Bs in the surrounding countryside.

Holiday accommodation in or close to the town centre includes the Crown and Thistle Hotel, Cosener's House Hotel, B&Bs on East St Helen Street, Abbey Guest House, Brewery Tap pub. Slightly to the West of the town centre there is a Premier Travel Inn and the Hilton Garden (Oxford) Abingdon Hotel. Please look at individual providers' websites.

For a wider selection of accommodation options locally click here. Our town is served by Southern Oxfordshire for Tourism and also has a service connection with Experience Oxfordshire. Tourism South East gives accreditation information. Hotels on the Abingdon Road in the South of Oxford are on a fast bus route to town, but we all hope you stay in Abingdon for its unique character and heritage in Old Berkshire.

The town's Visitor and Community Information Centre has listings. Help can be given with ideas

The Visitor Information Centre is not part of the Book a Bed Ahead system. Staff know the town and region well and will assist before 3.00 pm closing time.  Oxford Visitor Information Centre has now closed its doors and has comprehensive online information. This year we are unable to assist with Oxford booking enquiries.

Mrs Terry Boswell at award winning Abbey Guest House is kindly assisting with suggestions on where to stay if people arrive in town after 3.00 pm.

There is an air bnb presence in the town and area. Please note that your own checks of accommodation, services, facilities, cleanliness in these properties are essential. Always correspond and book through official websites checking https security. It can be possible to pay more for someone's spare room than for a high quality, inspected, well-run hotel. There is also a phantom property presence in some regions.


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