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1939 Chamberlain's War: Fears and Hopes by Gareth Howell

Friday, 15th November7:00pm-9:00pm

BBC Radio Nottingham's History advisor Gareth Howell returns to recount the story of the road to WW2. 
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As the world recovers from the horrors of the First World War it is assailed by new crises. Britain is short of confidence and buffeted by economic problems as the world drifts towards a new world war.

The talk examines "the road to war" and Britain's efforts to avoid a new conflict, but also to prepare for it. The Munich Crisis is examined, and the question asked whether Britain and France would have been better off standing up to Hitler in 1938 instead of 1939. Had Britain fought "the wrong war?". After the declaration of war Poland rapidly falls, and Denmark and Norway are invaded while Britain and France plan on how to fight Nazi Germany. Schemes are considered to attack the USSR to help Finland and proposals made on how to bring down the german war economy as the British and French governments struggle during this "phony war" to decide on how and why they are to fight.

Also included is an artefact handling workshop by renowned relics hunter, Rick Stevens.

Venue: The Council Chamber - The Guildhall, Abbey Close, Abingdon. OX14 3JD
Tickets: Adults £10; Children £5

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Abingdon Guildhall
Abbey Close
OX14 3JD
Venue phone number: 
01235 524085
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