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Publicising your Event on the town website

An interactive calendar for you to use

Over a hundred organisations and individuals add to this, our town's calendar.

The events calendar is a great way of letting local people know about events you are holding and it is worth noting that even putting an event on the calendar just hours before it starts can still result in hundreds of hits and a much better turnout at your event.

The town website is also the place most people turn to when they want to get more details about events they have already heard about, such as exact location, parking, start times, etc. So put your event on the calendar even if you think it is already well-known because publicising these details can save a lot of confusion and time spent dealing with phone calls and emails. 

The town's Visitor and Community Information Centre use this diary to display posters of events each week or to list all talks, all live music, sports or anything asked for by locals or visitors as appropriate.

Before You Start

Make sure that you have the following:

A. an electronic image for your event in a file type JPEG, TIFF, PNG or similar (does not include pdfs) preferably an attractive image in portrait orientation and medium resolution so that the file size is below 5MB but the quality is still good. If the image contains pictures of recognisable childrens’ faces then you should ensure you have written permission to publish these from the parents.

B. You are advised to prepare the “marketing speak” part of your event description so that you are not typing it directly into the website form. This makes it a lot less upsetting if the internet blips and you lose your submission whilst working. It also helps prevent typos and grammatical mistakes. Type it into a word file , save it and keep it ready on your computer to copy and paste from.

C. You need to be aware of the location address of the event and if it is outside Abingdon there is an 'Out of Town' option to allow for nearby villages. Please see below (under Moderation) to check if an event falls within our local policy guidelines. Contact for advice.

D. You need to know start and finish times,dates, location and postcode, the name of the organisation running the event. Please have a contact to put in if the website moderator needs to contact you (don't worry this is private and won't be published).

If you are ready to put the event on the website download the instruction leaflet below to give you step by step advice.

For an event to be listed it must be taking place in Abingdon-on-Thames or an adjoining parish. 

Nature of events listed

Whilst all events submitted are placed in to "moderation" before being published this does not imply any approval from the Town Council, who are the webmasters, in relation to any events.The Council cannot be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by members of the public attending any events.  Responsibility for the events listed on the site rests wholly with the event organisers.


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