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Heart of Abingdon Trail

Following the completion of the successful Lost Abbey of Abingdon Heritage Trail project, members of the Abingdon Area Archaeological Society and Friends of Abingdon have formed a new group of volunteers, with other interested members of the community, to create a new heritage trail centred on St Helen’s church.  

Five historical interpretation boards have been designed along a short circular route starting in East St Helen Street, to St Helen’s church, the Almshouses, a board covering the Thames and Ock river frontage via Margaret Brown Gardens to finish the trail in West St Helen Street.

The boards are accompanied by a leaflet with a map and an audio tour. The audio tour has been recorded by volunteers under the direction of Holly King.  The voices are Sue Scott, John Shore, Tom Bewley, Hector Macduff. The tour takes around an hour to complete.

The tour is made up of 24 mp3 files which can be played on most mobile phones. Either download the files to your computer or phone by clicking on the files at the bottom of this page or go to the linked dropbox to download the whole folder in one go.  

£ 12,200 of the project is being funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, £1,500 from Abingdon Town Council and £ 500 from Choose Abingdon.

Wheelchair access to the Esplanade (tour 16) on the river frontage is difficult as there are no drop kerbs.  Instead of trying to cross the road, either listen to the descriptions from there or miss out that section and turn right to the Old Anchor pub where you can continue the tour (tour 17).

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