Routes that alternate between riverside towpaths and high hedgerows

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The Thames Path

National Trail Walking on riverbanks and towpaths

The Thames Path passes within a two minute walk of the town centre. Walkers often stop to make their journey more interesting or to reload their rucksacks with goodies from the independent shops close to the Market Place. It's a major National Trail and whether you plan to go for the whole route in one hike or, like many local people, you prefer to do the Thames Path from time to time in bite size chunks, the stretch close to Abingdon is a lovely one passing all kinds of boats moored up by the bridge, and interesting views across the river to the medieval buildings on St Helen's Wharf.

If you prefer a circular route that can be done in one day, Abingdon has its own walk which uses part of the Thames Path and links the Thames up with two other rivers which flow into it. It's called the Abingdon Waterways Walk and is published by Choose Abingdon Partnership. To find out more click here.

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