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Museum Family Indoor Activities

Here you can find activities, games and quizzes for all the family!


Have fun with some of our museum crossword puzzle!

Crossword on the Museum's collection.
Download the printable PDF version here.
Check the answers.

Test your knowledge with some mixed crossword created by our museum volunteer Bob! 

Crossword no.1 (download the PDF here) - Check the answers.
Crossword no.2 (download the PDF here) - Check the answers.

NEW! November Crossword no.3 (download the PDF here) - Check the answers.


We've uploaded some colouring sheets, have fun colouring the museum and its collection.
Download the printable PDF version here.

If you like to find out more about the objects visit our collection online here

Abingdon Museum Crafting Crew

Abingdon Museum's crafting crew creates live sessions for children to make art & fun objects from recycling and bits and bobs around the house. You can view their craft video sessions following this link:

NEW - October Half-term Actvity: Aboriginal Art
Abingdon Museum Crafting Crew has put together a new craft activity to try at home during October Half-term.  Each one has a name, a picture, a list of items you’ll need and some instructions. Click the image below, follow the instructions and have fun creating your own artwork!


It would be great if you could send in photos of any Artwork of yours and we can put them onto the museum website!


Have a go playing with some of our jigsaw puzzles!
Here are some examples:

thumb_dscn2720.jpg Medieval Floor Tile. Click here to play:

buns_0_0_0.jpg Buns selection from various Bun Throwing celebrations. Click here to play:

thumb_brooches.jpg Large Saucer Brooches and Beads. Click here to play:

thumb_wood_painted_head.jpg Wood Painted Head. Click here to play:

Check out more puzzles here:


Ready to test your knowledge?
This quiz is about the Bun Throwing celebrations! Download the printable PDF version here.






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