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Neighbourhood Plan

The Town Council has started the process of creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Abingdon.  

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


For those who want to know more about what a neighbourhood plan is, how they work and what you need to do to prepare one, this slideshow from Feria Urbanism (our appointed advisors) will provide you with all the information you need. It includes examples about the sort of activities preparing a neighbourhood plan involves, such as working with school age children, and how community engagement and design workshops fit in. There is a PDF copy to download (see bottom of this page) and a video version (19 mins long) with real-time narration from Richard Eastham of Feria Urbanism. Click here:

How do you begin to understand a complex and historic place such as Abingdon?

PLACE Assessment: 

This system of PLACE assessment – Planning, Landscape, Architecture, Culture and Engineering – is one way of breaking down these complex and interrelated issues into five different categories. These 5 x downloads at the bottom of the page will help you ask the right questions about the places around you. The answers will help provide a better understanding about the variety of topics that the neighbourhood plan can focus upon.

Who are the people that prepare a neighbourhood plan?

Well, it is usually a steering group, made up of both local people and elected councillors. This steering group will often work alongside an appointed consultant (in this case, Feria Urbanism) on behalf of the “qualifying body” – which in this case is Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council. To find out what sort of skills are needed for an effective and well-balanced steering group, click on the PDF document below titled "Skills Audit" to find out more.

Cereal Box Challenge 

We want young people to get involved in the neighbourhood plan. Here’s a fun and practical design challenge for younger people across Abingdon to get involved with. (See PDF below)

14th May 2020


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