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Neighbourhood Plan

The Town Council has started the process of creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Abingdon.  

To understand exactly what a Neighbourhood plan is please find some useful slides here.

How do you begin to understand a complex and historic place such as Abingdon?

PLACE Assessment: 


This system of PLACE assessment – Planning, Landscape, Architecture, Culture and Engineering – is one way of breaking down these complex and interrelated issues into five different categories. These 5 x downloads at the bottom of the page will help you ask the right questions about the places around you. The answers will help provide a better understanding about the variety of topics that the neighbourhood plan can focus upon.

How to run your own local PLACE assessment

  1. Download copies of the PLACE handbooks from the town council website
  2. You will also need to download a copy of a map of your local area – free online mapping services work just fine
  3. Working with as a group of 5 x local residents, each member of the group takes one of the handbooks and a map
  4. As a group, walk around a defined part of your neighbourhood, making observations based on the prompts and questions in the booklet – or you can run a digital version using Zoom and Google maps
  5. This exercise should take no more than 2-3 hours max. perhaps on a weekend
  6. Photograph/screenshot and email your results back to us, or print and post
  7. Do let us know what you think of the exercise – we always want to improve things!

Who are the people that prepare a neighbourhood plan?

Well, it is usually a steering group, made up of both local people and elected councillors. This steering group will often work alongside an appointed consultant (in this case, Feria Urbanism) on behalf of the “qualifying body” – which in this case is Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council. To find out what sort of skills are needed for an effective and well-balanced steering group, click on the PDF document below titled "Skills Audit" to find out more.

November 27th 2020 Update

The project team wishes to extend its thanks to all those who have so generously given up their time to contribute to the crowd-sourced mapping project. We are now developing a rich set of baseline data for the town, based around the themes of planning, landscape, architecture, culture and engineering. The project team have been busy transferring the raw PLACE assessment data as shared by the volunteers to a Google map system. 






These screen shots show just how detailed these results are. However, there are still gaps in the mapping coverage. In particular, we still require data from the eastern side of the town, around the Radley Road. There are also gaps towards the north west, south of the Dunmore Road and gaps towards the west of town, north of the Marcham Road. If anybody out there is willing and able to undertake PLACE assessments for these areas, do please get in touch with the project team via the dedicated email address

30th November 2020 Update

Last night we were delighted to meet with representatives of the various societies and groups in Abingdon to hear about their priorities and get their input into our emerging plan.  It's not too late to get your society or group involved - please send an email to: letting us know what projects or initiatives your group, club or society would like to see implemented in Abingdon over the next few years.  

17th February 2021 Update 

The newly formed Neighbourhood Plan Steering group for Abingdon is really keen to capture a wide and representative range of voices.

In the next few weeks themed, virtual focus groups are being held to gathers views and ideas. The Eventbrite registration links for the 10 x focus groups have been set up and are detailed in the link below. There are 15 places per group so please sign up soon to avoid disappointment. 

Neighbourhood Plan Focus Groups | Abingdon-on-Thames

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