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Crowds at the bun-throwing in Abingdon Market Square.

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Civic Life & Council Events

The Town Council of Abingdon-on-Thames is responsible for the continuance of a number of civic traditions that are hundreds of years old, and also manage and promote a number of annual events that are of recent origin but play an important part in community life. All of these events will be listed on the town events calendar as the dates are confirmed, and a brief outline of each type of event is given below.

For more information about Town Council managed events: email


The Annual Meeting includes the installation of the new Mayor
The annual meeting of the Town Council is held in May each year when the Mayor is installed for the coming Civic year. Town Council business is also undertaken to determine membership of Council Committees and representation of other organisations. The outgoing Mayor also presents awards to members of the public for outstanding contributions to the life of the town. The Mayor for the upcoming...
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Bun throwing in Abingdon
Bun Throwing is one of several ancient traditions of Abingdon-on-Thames. The Town Council are the organisers of Bun-Throwings which are held, usually as a gesture of loyalty and goodwill to the monarch, and mainly associated with royal events.  Bun Throwing does not take place every year but only when there is a special event to celebrate. The last Bun Throwing took place in 2018, as a...
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Great atmosphere at Fun and Music in the Park
The Town Council organises the annual Fun in the Park and Music in the Park event on the first Saturday in June each year. The daytime event, Fun in the Park, runs from 10.30 to 15.30 and is free - just walk in.  The evening Music in the Park runs from 16:30 to 22.00 and requires wristbands.Wristbands for the evening event are not usually available on the day. Details on how to obtain your...
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View from the Gallery at the Mayor's Ball in 2011
Every year Abingdon’s Mayor hosts a charity ball in support of their chosen charities. The evening hosts fine dining and live entertainment along with fundraising activities such as a raffle and auction; some of the prizes and auction items are generously donated by our local traders. Details of the event are posted on the Town Events Calendar several weeks beforehand.
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The Abingdon War Memorial in the Square
Remembrance Day takes place on the second Sunday of November each year. it is sometimes known as "Remembrance Sunday." Abingdon-on-Thames Town Councillors along with representatives from the British Legion, armed forces, units, clubs, societies and civic leaders come together for a Remembrance Service which is held in St Helen’s Church, East St Helen Street at 10am. After the service, the various...
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Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council's flag policy in relation to the County Hall can be found below. The Government Designated Flag Days for 2020 may be found by clicking this link: Flag Flying during Inclement weather Sometimes you my notice that there is no flag flying. This is because the flags are not flown during periods of high...
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