Bright lights and fairground rides in front of the baroque County Hall building

Michaelmas Fair

The longest street fair in Europe

8th and 9th October 2018

The Michaelmas Fair was originally a medieval hiring fair for rural farmworkers to find work in the local area around Abingdon-on-Thames. Over the years, more and more stalls and fairground rides were added to make it now the longest street fair in Europe, running a mile down the length of the High Street from the market place and down Ock Street. The three days in October of the Michaelmas Fair are remembered fondly by the older residents even if some no longer head down to the town centre at dusk with the crowds of young people, for whom it remains a highlight of the annual calendar.

Look up October events on the Town Events Calendar. A week later on the Monday the strangely named Runaway Fair follows.

For centuries all the fairs in Oxfordshire and Berkshire have been in sequence, all slightly different to reflect their home town. Some locals and visitors follow the fairs to enjoy the atmosphere.

Abingdon Fair is run by Bob Wilson Funfairs with support from townspeople and Town Council.

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