crowds of people looking upwards and reaching to the sky to catch the falling buns


A 400 year-old moment of mayhem

Bun Throwing is the iconic, 400 year-old tradition which is unique to Abingdon-on-Thames. The event is a cross between a ceremony and, well... a bun-fight. Bun-Throwings only take place when the Town Council votes to hold one to mark a royal occasion so in recent years there have been two on the occasions of the 2011 Royal Wedding and the 2012 Jubilee.  Councillors in full ceremonial robes climb to the top of the County Hall and chuck around 4000 currant buns down at the chanting crowds filling the market place below. The buns are always specially baked for the occasion with a crown design on the top, and are often fought for, hoarded and preserved by local families and visitors. The County Hall Museum has a selection of buns from various Bun-Throwings throughout the years and there is even a local cafe named after the tradition with old newspaper clippings and pictures on the walls. More detailed historical notes on Bun-Throwing: History page


Watch the video of  Bun-Throwing 2011

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