By bus to Abingdon-on-Thames

There are three main bus operators which run services within Oxfordshire to Abingdon-on-Thames: Each has real-time information, social meda anouncements and a phone app. Clean air policies keep all buses electric or hybrid.

Oxford Bus Company        01865 785 400  Oxford, Abingdon and villages X3/X13 every twenty minutes late evening and every ten minutes in the day, number 5 bus from Oxford rail station links wih this at St Aldates. Number 35 through Kennington and Radley useful for trains and for the Thames Path. Number 4 from Wood Farm and the Churchill hospital through Oxford city centre stops near the rail station in Oxford then this route serves Botley, Cumnor, Dry Sandford, Wootton, Shippon and the Barracks, the FE College and town centre.

Stagecoach Oxfordshire     01865 772 250 Number 15 Abingdon, Marcham, Sttandlake, Witney.  Number 31 Abingdon to Wantage.

Thames Travel 01491 837 988 Number X2 serves Oxford city centre and station, to Abingdon, Drayton, Steventon, Milton Park, Didcot, Brightwell, Wallingford. The service is due to alter with a bus change in Didcot to get to and from Wallingford. Thisservice is useful for Wittenham nature reserve and the Thames Path. 32 and 33 our town to Culham, Sutton Courtenay, Milton village, Milton Park, Didcot and links to Harwell, Harwell Science Centre campus, East and West Hendred,  Ardington, Wantage.

41 is a daytime town circular. 45 runs from the town to Culham Science Centre. Currently there is no connection to Clifton Hampden, Burcot and Dorchester from the town. To get to Dorchester take the bus to Oxford and use the X39 Reading or Henley routes, comparing price with taxis. Locals can use the Oxfordshire Comet by registering with County Council. 

Information for bus stops within Abingdon can be found here, and details for all of Oxfordshire’s bus routes can be found here.  For buses between Stratton Way near Abingdon town centre shops to Oxford city centre it may not be necessary to carry a timetable as buses are frequent, up to very ten minutes during the day and every twenty minutes even late evening. 

Along with the local bus services, there are also buses that run direct from Oxford to London (and return) at regular intervals, 24 hours a day. Oxford Tube buses have stops in north London and the West End and stop on Buckingham Palace Road, not inside Victoria station.

Oxford Tube  to London (Stagecoach Oxfordshire) also look at Megabus routes.

Traveline offers reliable planning, guidance and information on all public transport throughout the United Kingdom and in some parts of Europe. The webiste and app allow you to see all stages of a journey including length of walks between transport services and taxi costs.


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