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Abingdon-on-Thames Fisheries

The Council issues permits to fish the River Thames at Abingdon-on-Thames from 16 June to 14 March each year. The season ends at dusk on 14 March and commences at dawn on 16 June.

Fishing permits are free for Abingdon residents. Please keep your permit at the end of the season so you retain your permit number and call in to get it stamped during the Summer. With a green local permit and your proof that you live here as a permanent resident of the town you can come in at any time between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm in May to get your permit stamped.  To apply for a new permit as a local or a visitor or if you have lost your permit new permits will be issued from 8th June. The Information Centre is not open on Sundays.

In order to prove your residency you will need to come in yourself and let us see proof of your permanent residency (driving licence, council tax) – this evidence will be required and so is a personally signed data protection agreement for all permits. Permits can only be issued to those aged 12 years and over and people aged 12 to 16 please come with a parent on first issue.

If you are not eligible for a free local fishing permit we would be pleased to offer you a day visitor or season ticket – for cash please. The charges are as follows:

Visitors Day Permit  - £10.50

*Concessions Visitor Day Permit: £5.50

Family Visitor Day Permit - (up to 2 adults and 2 children) - £21

Visitor Season Permit - £27

*Concessions Visitor Season Permit: £16

Matches - a fee of £53 plus £5.50 per peg is payable. Matches must be booked with the Council and no more than 30 pegs are allowed without prior agreement. Each competitor must also have one of the permits listed above valid on the day of the match i.e. a resident's or a visitor's permit. Competitors must also hold the Environment Agency Rod Licence (see below).

*Concessions include: Senior - 60 years and over; Child 5-16 years of age     Children under the age of 12 must be accompaniedat all times by an adult who has a valid permit and rod licence.                          

If you have lost or damaged your permit there will be an administrative cost of £1.50 for a replacement permit.

Permits and season tickets can be purchased at first floor level while the Visitor and Community Information Centre at the front right of Guildhall.  Think about this in advance please should you need a permit posted out to you.

For opening times see our Information Centre page

All anglers should also have an Environment Agency valid rod licence which can be obtained online at: or at any Post Office in England and Wales or call 0844 800 5386.

You should always carry your Abingdon permit/visitor/season ticket as well as your rod licence and proof of home address when you are fishing the Abingdon Fisheries as our Water Keeper may ask you to produce this documentation.

Further information can be obtained from or call 01235 522642.


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